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Image Blast Manipulation Using Photoshop

Blast Image Effect, this is a cool image effect in photography. By using a  digital SLR camera and a telescopic lens (18-200mm) you will have this effect. So ho to make this effect? Just rearrange your shutter speed into 1/14 push the trigger and pull out your lens at the same time. Then this is what you will get:

However, this effect doesn’t work well on the pocket camera. So how do i get this effect without a DSLR camera?

Here i have a simple technique using a photoshop software. This will show you how to transform this image.

Shall we dance???

1. Open your photoshop and open this image (or any image you wish to add the effect).

2. Select an   elliptical marquee   and press shift  button, then draw an elliptical marquee and put it into the center of your image, as i show in the picture bellow.

3. Then press right click at your marquee to select feather, and arrange your feather radius into 50 pixel, press enter.

4. Now you have to inverse your marquee by pressing Ctrl + Shift + i, inverse only used when you want to reverse your selection, as i shown at the image bellow.

5. Last step, go to Filter menu and select Blur effect, shortened your selection at blur effect into Radial Blur. Slide your blur amount up to 35 %, move your Radio Button into Zoom for blur method  and Best for its quality. Here i’ll show you mine:

6. Press enter and wait till the process complete. And this image will appears:

That’s the simple and cool technique, please be noted that her reddish eyes is beyond our editing discussion today.  Well thats all for today, and have fun with your photoshop guys….

*thankz to Gissela for the image…


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