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Facebook is getting too commercial

Facebook is hiding some of the pages from you! Do you like reading their posts? Do you like receiving their posts?

Facebook handles an enormous amount of information, and is on a constant search on how to monetize it. Unfortunately, recent changes to its algorithm are impacting pages negatively.

There is a progressive decrease in reach by pages, mostly based on fan interaction. If you enjoy the page’s posts, but do not engage with them, chances are you will eventually be missing most of them. Since September 20th less posts (25% according to Ogilvy) show up on your newsfeeds. Even if you like a page there is no guarantee new posts will show up.

To avoid that, make sure to comment, like and share. Do it on your liking pages, as well as on any of the previous posts on the pages. A comment can be a simple “YES” or “SHARING”. It may help to keep the posts in your newsfeed. To subscribe, simply go to our FB page and click on the GEAR symbol (next to the “Message” tab) and from the drop-down menu, please select “Add to Interest Lists…”

Regarding paid-posts and how it is limiting the way pages reach fans: Under the new paid structure, if we want to reach all of BOI’s fans, we’d have to spend around $800 per post. If we post about 2-3 times a day, so that would be $1,600 to $2,400 per day!

Needless to say, not all the pages can afford that, but huge brands Facebook Page can afford it without problem. So, get ready to be increasingly reached by commercial interests, and not by CHARITY pages or INTERESTS pages.

As always, THANK YOU for visiting and your continuous support!


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