Classic Army MP5 A3 (MP5A3 BT Version)

This is the newly redesigned A3 airsoft gun by Classic Army – the B&T Version. Features include: B&T Logos, collapsable stock, metal front set, all metal body, high torque motor and high capacity magazine. If you are in the market for a gun with maneuverability, a fast cyclic rate and plenty of punch – check out the A3. MP5′ are some of the most versital airsoft guns on the market – used by Navy SEALS and Tactical Teams all over the globe. With an MP5 you will never be in need of a better gun for building capture and room clearing.
The A2 and A3 Versions have the molded handgrip and left side selector lever (much like G3 / SAR Series).
Weight 2845g
Barrel Length 229mm
Magazine Capacity 200
Ammo Size 6mm BB
Muzzle Velocity 90m/s 295fps
Rounds Per Minute 750~850

3 comments on “Classic Army MP5 A3 (MP5A3 BT Version)

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